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The strategy of Patras Port Authority S.A. focuses, among others, on its dynamic entry into the tourism market with its emergence as a port specializing in cruise service.

The port of Patras is one of the most modern ports in the Mediterranean, offering modern port infrastructure, quality-integrated hospitality services and hygiene and safety standards.

The region of Patras and Western Greece has many competitive advantages and is uniquely suited as a cruise and yachting destination, as it offers many alternative forms of tourism such as archaeological, religious, natural, culture, etc., thus ensuring variety and diversity. It holds a special place in tourism holiday emphasizing on the sun and sea, but also on tourism activities and sensations. 

Since the inception of the South (New) Port of Patras in 2011, the section of the North Port  from the “Astiggos” pier to the Gate No. 7 is intended to accommodate cruise ships.

In particular, The Northern Port of Patras has piers and quays of approximately 3.000m total length and 10m depth, quay No.14-15 which has a length of 373m., quay No.16 which has a length of 220m. and quay No.13 which has a length of 179m. There is also the possibility to provided water supply to the ships.

In the Port there is a Passengers Cruise Terminal where there are passenger lounges, Customs office, duty-free store, restaurant, coffe bar and bank ATM.

There are parking areas for tourist coaches and taxis to serve cruise passengers at the Passenger docking station. Free transportation of passengers is ensured by two OLPA buses, from the Passenger docking station to the pier located in Agiou Nikolaou Street in the city center.

In the context of the reception of the cruise ships, Patras Port Authority S.A., organizes welcome events  where local products such as greek delights, tentura, Mavrodafni, wine, ouzo, etc. are offered to the cruise passengers.

Fire protection is provided as within the port there is a fire brigade station operating 24 hours a day and also two fire brigade boats. Forklifts and cranes are available.

Within the Port Area there is a pollution treatment service owning the relative boat and equipment as well as a service handling the solid and liquid boat refuses 24 hours per day. There is also the possibility to provided water supply to the ships.

Banks and a post office are located about 10 minutes from the Passenger docking station of the North Port.

Two hospitals, the General University Hospital and the “Aghios Andreas” Hospital of Patras are located about 20 minutes from the port.

Araxos airport which receivs international flights is located about  30 km from the port.

The port security is ensured by the revised ALE (Coast Guard, the Security company of the Patras Port Authority S.A. and the K.A.E).


Port Services Building, South Port
P.C. 26333 - Patras/ Phone: +30 2610 365 135 / Fax: +30 2610 365 134 / Email: info@patrasport.gr

Τηλ.: +30 2613 615 400


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