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Alternative tourism

  • Alternative tourism is the non-massive form of development of tourist destinations promoting a new holiday philosophy that is friendly to the environment and social and cultural values.

    This mild development allows interaction and mutual co-living between members of different social groups (tourists and the hosting societies), while it evolves with the consent and participation of the local community.


    Indicative activities of alternative tourism in Achaia



    Greece, land of Dionysus, god of wine, has the longest history in wine production and consumption in the world. In Greece, wine has been produced for over 4,000 years.

    The culture of wine, the consumption of wine as a social event and its refined assessment were developed for the first time by ancient Greeks.
    Today, Greece plays a key role in the international wine culture and industry.

    There are dozens of vineyards and wineries open to visitors, allowing them to discover the enchanting world of vines and wine, to know traditional and modern winery methods and taste selected Greek wines, combined with traditional dishes.

    There are numerous vineyards in the area of Achaia. We indicatively mention some of those open to visitors:

    Organic vineyards open to visitors

    Vineyards open to visitors

Kayak – Rafting

In Achaia, the rivers Ladonas and Erymanthos are ideal for kayak and rafting. In this area of exquisite beauty, visitors can combine physical exercise with the beauty of nature.




There is the Sailing Club of Patras, in Patras, the Sailing Club “IASON” in Rio and the Sailing Club of Aigio in Aigio, operating in the Corinthian Gulf.


The seas of the broader Patras area are considered as the link connecting two sea basins (Ionian and Aegean) from where they are enriched with organisations in their geological history.
We indicatively mention www.ioniandivers.gr, www.nekdiving.gr


12 km from Patras, there is a well-established Kart track.

Horse riding

Ippocamilos, www.ippocamilos.gr
Rio Equestrian Club, www.ippikosriou.gr
Patraikos Ippikos Omilos, www.patrio.gr


Patras Paragliding Club hosts seminars on meteorology, gliding, first aid and rescuing, by Greek and foreign experts so that its members may fly with full knowledge of the object and with the maximum safety possible.
Omplos, Panachaiko and Skiadas and Santomeri and Kalavryta are where they have competition, Cup and Championship tournaments and where athletes from across the country meet, enjoying the fair play among athletes and the chance to party and celebrate. At the same time, athletes of the Club from Patras with their many participations and distinctions in National tournaments, are established in the field and are recognised as very remarkable pilots and good friends.


Ski and snowboard in Kalavryta

The facilities of the ski resort of Kalavryta are the second largest in Greece and are located on mountain Chelmos, at an altitude of 1700-2340m. It is one of the most organised ski resorts, with 12 circuits, over 20km long.


Bird watching

The Lagoon of Kalogria is a true paradise for bird watchers, at the north-west end of the Peloponnese, which is an ideal starting point for a tour of the area. Following the route to Prokopo, you will have the opportunity to observe its northern side, while at its reed beds you will find little bitterns (Ixobrychus minutus), bearded reedlings (Panurus biarmicus), common starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) resting.

The wonderful forest of Strofylia, is the perfect green scenery for your tour with its high stone pines, oak trees and pines. To the south, the Lagoon of Kotychi is another important wetland with reed beds and islets that are home to many species of wild ducks, wild geese, herons and swans. The area is an internationally acclaimed wetland habitat and is protected by the international Convention Ramsar. For more information contact the “Info-centre of the Kotychi Lagoon – Strofylia Forest”.
Lappa Village, near “Kalogria” beach, Tel.: 26930-31651 fax: 26930-31652


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