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The project idea originates from the fact that the partners are located along a virtual continues line that covers the whole area an international cruise line and a commercial hub in the Mediterranean. The role, therefore, these ports are called to play to leverage the development of international trade, and the sustainability of the local and national economies in Italy and Greece, is a prominent one.

Furthermore, the White Paper “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system” recognizes the need to reduce congestion and improve the sustainability of the transport system, but it does not appear to fully realize the efforts required to achieve a massive changeover of transport from road to sea. The profile of passengers (and potential passengers) of maritime transport is changing. The number of passengers with reduced mobility is growing and the proportion of older people in the population is also increasing.

The project aims to optimize the accessibility to the sites of ports involved in the project proposed by implementing integrated actions and controls access to persons and vehicles on the airside of each port along with control of cruise passengers visiting each port. “ACCSEL” partnership consists of the Ports of Corfu, Patras and Brindisi. The added value of the project is:

  • Promote an overall and rational planning of the port facility system, which will be reflected to an improved and modern organization, in articulation with the overall objectives of national transport policy for ships and passengers
  • Improvement and creation of new port infrastructures and superstructures for the upgrading and modernization of port services
  • Development of physical and communicational connectivity between Mediterranean port facilities which have the primary role in the overall transportation chain.


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