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MoS Venice - Patras

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«MoS Venice-Patras. Developing and upgrading of the East-mediterranean MoS link Italy- Greece». Αgreement No INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2016/1349460
Location of the action:
Member states/Greece-Italy
Scope of the action:
The Action aims at upgrading the existing maritime line connecting the TEN-T core ports of Venice and Patras. It foresees port investments that will enable to concentrate freight flows in viable,regylar and reliable MoS link and enhance its integration in the Core Network Corridors (Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean Corridors in Venice and Orient-East Med Corridors in Patras).
The Action will improve the efficiency of the logistic chain among the ports of Venice and Igoumenitsa\Patras, by expanding ports capacity and optimizing the management of cargo flows.


  1. Completion of the new MoS Terminal in the Port Of Venice.
  2. Increasing operational capacity and efficiency in the port of Patras
  3. Action management, dissemination and MoS corridor promotion.

Description of Activities:

  1. In the port of Venice, the new Venice MoS terminal located in Marghera-Fusina at the intersection of the South Industrial Channel and the last section of the Malamocco-Marghera Channel is operational since May 2014 (the 2nd berth in the North basin came into operation in September 2014).
    The proposed Action covers required dredging works at the South basin creating an operational draft of up to 10.5 m and sufficient maritime access conditions for the 3rd and 4th berths of the new RoRo terminal used by the RoRo ships on the MoS link Venice-Patras. Furthermore, installation works will be done at Fusina terminal to improve safety and security.
    Moreover based on the need to ensure a safe maritime access to the port the Port System Authority will develop a study to improve maritime accessibility to the terminal and overcome physical and meteorological
  2. In the Port of Patras, this specific MoS link is one of the main services for the port and hence its fast, efficient and safe operation is of utmost importance for its strategic development . Therefore Patras Port Authority S.A. will implement measures to increase operational capacity and efficiency of the MoS link. This will be mainly achieved through:
    • a) the functional restructuring of the South Port to improve the mooring space in the port and the redefinition of the fire-fighting ship location and
    • b) the positioning of a mooring buoy alongside the serving berth to provide adequate mooring services to the larger ship of the MoS link.


Κτίριο Υπηρεσιών Νότιου Λιμένα Πατρών
Τ.Κ. 26333 - Πάτρα / Τηλ.: 2610 365 135 / Fax: 2610 365 134 / Email: info@patrasport.gr

Τηλ.: 2613 615 400


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