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Rio - Antirrio Ferry

The Ferry of Rio is located north of the city of Patras and at a distance of 12 kilometres approximately. At Rio the Patras Port Authority only owns the wharfs and the electricity network. A port guard room is under the jurisdiction of the Port Police. Both the Eastern and Western Piers of the Rio Ferry area are under the jurisdiction of the Patras Port Authority.
The frequency of use of the Eastern or Western Pier depends on the weather conditios and mainly on the wind direction.
At the Eastern Pier of Rio the portual area is 11.136 square metres. It has 395 metre-long quays, equipped with bollards. The deck is paved with asphalt and the area is illuminated by two 35m. tall masts. The pier has only quays and no land zone, and it borders with an area owned by EOT (GNTO).
The West pier of Rio covers an area of 39,156 sq.m., including the temporary pier covering 18,205 sq.m. constructed for the ferry services, due to the construction of the Rion-Antirrion bridge. It has quays, 259 metres long, equipped with bollards. The deck is paved with asphalt and there are 3 lighting pillars, 35m. high each.
The traffic of the Rio Ferry was greatly reduced after the start of functioning of the Rio Bridge. Nevertheless the low prices of the ferry with respect to the bridge toll remains an advantage for the Ferry traffic. The aim of the Patras Port Authority is the exploitation of the free portual area in cooperation with the local society.


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