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Projects - Investments

1. Additional infrastructure works on the land area of the New Port of Patras, sub-project 1: “Construction of pedestrians control gate and external fencing on the New Port of Patras”. Budget: 2,644,000.00 Euros with V.A.T. – inclusion in the Operational Program of Western Greece 2007-2013 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Supervising service: Division of Technical Services of O.L.PA. S.A.

2. New Port of Patras – 3rd section of phase A’ Budget: 75,000,000.00 euros. Supervising service: Special Service for Public Works (EYDE) of big projects of Western Greece (SPECIAL SERVICE OF PUBLIC WORKS / LARGE PROJECTS OF WESTERN GREECE) [EYDE/MEDE].
Implementing entity: Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

3. Construction of connecting interchange of roads along Glafkos River with the New Port of Patras & construction of technical estuary of the Diakoniaris stream. Budget: 48,000,000.00 Euros with VAT. The project is financed by credit of the public investments programme. Furthermore the project is co-financed by the European Union Fund “ERDF”.
Executing agent: Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

4. Construction of new weighbridge in the New Port of Patras. Budget: 73,508.00 Euros with VAT. Supervising service: Division of Technical Services of O.L.PA. S.A.
Implementing entity: O.L.P.A. S.A.

5. Utilisation of the facilities of the former “Piraiki – Patraiki” factory, as business park. Exploitation of the Jessica program (business park for traditional professions, services, warehouses etc.)

6. Development & operation of a trailer parking area in the New Port of Patras, covering 10,000 sq.m., with a capacity of 110 parking spaces. 24h operation.

7. Development of berths and land areas for the accommodation of large tourist vessels at the North port (platforms No. 9 & No. 10). Budget: 410,000 euros.
Implementing entity: O.L.P.A. S.A.


8. Final phase of licensing for a seaplane base – seaplane maintenance centre.
Executing agent: O.L.P.A. S.A.


9. Construction of floating bollards for serving large vessels at Dock A (New port).
Budget: 310,000 Euros with VAT.
Implementing entity: O.L.P.A. S.A.


10. Development of a eucalyptus grove and cycling track (100,000 Euros).
Implementing entity: O.L.P.A. S.A. Click here to see the mock-up (in Greek)


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