Northern Passenger Port

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The Northern Port of Patras has four main piers and wharfs of approximately 3.000m total length and 8.5-10.5m length. The Port capacity can afford mercantile ships up to 25.000 register tons and passenger ferry ships up to 16.000 register tons and up to 330 meters length.

Within the Port Area there is a pollution treatment service owning the relative boat and equipment as well as a service handling the solid and liquid boat refuses 24 hours per day. There is also the possibility to provided water supply to the ships.

Fire protection is provided as within the port there is a fire brigade station and also a fire brigade boat

Additionally there are 8.000 m2 of indoor storage areas, 80.000 m2 of outdoor storage areas and 2 weight bridges with a capacity of 80 tons each.

In the Port there is the “Panagiotis Kanellopoulos” Passenger docking station with a total area coverage of 2.932 sq.m. which includes passenger waiting rooms, KAEK shops, coffee-bars and a restaurant in the first floor

At the NE part of the Port there is the Marina and at the south part of the Marina there is a recreation area including an open theater, a playground and a bar.

At the northern basin of the Marina there is a Seaplane Station.

At the SE part of the Port there is a playground and bar, right at the basement of the rebuilt lighthouse.

Also at the SE part of the Port there is a fish-pier while at the northern part there is a Sailing Club.